The Alchemyst

Updated:  2012-07-11 14:29:52

Status:  In Development

Category:  Feature

Teaser: The Alchemyst centres on the legendary 14th-century French alchemist, Nicholas Flamel, who is said to have discovered the secret to eternal life and is still alive today.

Synopsis: The secret of eternal life is hidden within the book of Abraham the Mage which, Dr. John Dee plans to steal and use against the world. If the prophecy is right, teenage twins Sophie and Josh Newman will be the only ones with the power to save the world.



Writer : Michael Scott (and based on his novel)

Start Shoot : Early 2013

Costume Design : Australia and New Zealand

Producer : Mario Andreacchio, Konstantin Thoeren

Executive Producer : Stefan Brunner, Scott Krost, Barry Krost, Cathy Malatesta

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