‘The Curious Case of Dolphin Bay’ (Trailer)

'The Curious Case of Dolphin Bay'

Christine Luby’s The Curious Case of Dolphin Bay follows 15-year-old Quinn Perkins (Izabela Rose), who is excited to be spending the summer interning with her best friend Daniela (Ella Proberts) and marine biologist father Charlie (Rowan Chapman).

The besties haven’t seen each other since Charlie inherited a research centre in Dolphin Bay, Australia, studying the unnatural shift in the local reef’s biodiversity.

Things feel different between Quinn and Daniela, and it’s not long before Quinn agrees to join the adventurer wannabe Teddy (Jayden McGinlay) on a treasure hunt as a distraction.

The cast also includes Allegra Teo, Charles Cottier, Charlie Clausen, Val Lehman, and Shanyn Asmar.

Written by Jacob Stock, the Steve Jaggi Company production was produced by Steve Jaggi and Kelly Son Hing, with Kylie Pascoe and Megan Ellstrom co-producing.

It was financed with the assistance of Different Films and Asia Pacific Film Investment Group and supported by the Queensland Government through Screen Queensland’s Screen Finance program.

Athabasca Film will release The Curious Case of Dolphin Bay in select cinemas across Australia from September 22.