The Playroom launches new transmedia services division

Press release from Well Above

The Playroom today announced that it has launched its new Transmedia Services Division and hired two new digital specialists in the process.

The new Transmedia Services division is headed up by The Playroom Digital Media Director Cora Spear who said, “The Playroom Transmedia Services Division is our digital experience engine room and offers a number of services. We are predominantly working with clients to extend their content IP across digital platforms and also developing and extending brands into new platforms and experiences.”

As a result of the Transmedia Services Division launch The Playroom has hired Mitch Harris (previously with EA Games) as Digital Creative Director and Magnus Morris (previously with Cummins Nitro) as Lead Developer.

Spear continued, ““Getting Mitch and Magnus, our two new digital specialists, means we can extend our digital services offering to Australian content makers. We are already designing and developing projects that extend the commercial opportunities for film and television properties across digital platforms, including App development for connected TV’s and tablets. We see transmedia as distinct from pure cross-platform digital marketing, where implementation on mobile or online would be used to build awareness – we see transmedia as enriching or extending the experience.”

The new team will work closely with head of IPTV at the Playroom, Scott-Bradley Pearce who says “consumption of IPTV based content is quickly moving to television and mobile based apps, and with the addition of this new team we are able to provide our clients the opportunity to innovate and extend their audience reach to capitalise further on their content.”

The Playroom has been growing for the last couple of years and according to MD Tom Kennedy launching the new Transmedia Services Division is the next natural step in their evolution. Kennedy added, “The Playroom understand broadcast and video intimately and how to connect viewers to a diverse range of platforms and devices. We also manage content and IP for our clients and sister companies and we have been in the digital space across the entire content production workflow for many years. The Playroom Transmedia Services Division is the first of many announcements this year where The Playroom will be expanding and growing further still.”