The Sydney Film Base Independent Filmmakers Weekend Masterclass

Independent Film Makers Weekend Masterclass – Saturday and Sunday November 29th & 30th 2014

Be on Fire in 2015 and get Make your Hit Film

Many Special Guests include : Tomas Mayer from Pozzible Funding and Producer Ian Collie of films such as Saving Mr Banks and TV show Rake.
1. Learn about financing your film
2. Learn how to shoot your micro budget feature film on the weekend from Film Producers who have done it.
3. Learn what it takes to produce a $65Million feature film “Saving Mr Banks’ Ian Collie Producer will reveal all.
4. Learn about all the very best Indie Film Equipment on the Market and what you need for your productions.
5. Learn the keys to getting a ripper story for your film project
6. Learn how to support the best screen performances from your Cast.
7. Be Inspired and motivated to take action on your film project now
8. Launch your film project this year and be on fire in 2015
9. Network with other film makers and align with your project

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