Till Death Do Us Die wins AWG Terror Australis Horror Script Competition

Writers Andrew Connell and Gordon Napier's Till Death Do Us Die script has taken out top honours at the inaugural Australian Writers’ Guild Terror Australis Horror Script Competition.

The script, about a groom who is forced to battle supernatural forces when a cursed wedding ring unleashes an ancient evil upon his bride, was chosen from 130 entries.

It will now be read by genre producers Chris Brown (Daybreakers, The Proposition), David Lightfoot (Wolf Creek, Rogue), Josh Reed (Primal) and Andrew Traucki (Black Water, The Reef). The two writers have also won a micro-mentorship with Shayne Armstrong and Shane Krause (Acolytes).

Kraken by Rick Kalowski (story by Rick Kalowski and Andrew Jones) was highly commended by the judges. Also on the finalists' shortlist was Darker After Midnight by Edmund Jory and Michael Chrisoulakis, Black Mountain by Joseph Villanti and The Devil’s Veins by Tony D’Aquino.