Victorian Government injects $2.2 million into film, TV and game projects

Press release from Victorian State Government

Minister for Innovation, Services and Small Business Louise Asher today announced a commitment of more than $2.2 million in funding to support Victorian businesses and projects in the film, television and games industries.

“The Victorian Government is committed to driving an innovative, sustainable screen industry through programs for film, television and games companies and practitioners,” Ms Asher said.

“This funding across five Film Victoria program areas includes a Production Investment commitment of more than $1 million, bringing total Production Investment committed since December 2010 to around $4 million,” Ms Asher said.

“The projects this government has supported through Production Investment commitments since December 2010 are expected to result in total expenditure of more than $50 million in Victoria, generating significant employment opportunities and economic benefits for our State.

“By investing in quality projects and companies, our government is assisting local film, television and games practitioners to continue to create content, which draws further investment, increases export and jobs, and leads to a healthy and sustainable screen industry overall.

“The quality and diversity of the supported projects reflect the breadth of talent we have here in Victoria,” Ms Asher said.

Jenni Tosi, Acting Film Victoria CEO said Film Victoria supports businesses by creating targeted programs helping games, film and television production companies to develop their slates as well continuing to support practitioners with individual projects.

"The number and quality of companies that we support is testament to the success of these programs and the importance of helping these companies to consolidate their businesses,” Ms Tosi said.

“Our programs ensure Victorian practitioners have the resources and support they need to build their business and continue to produce projects in their hometown.”

The successful applicants and projects are:

Production Investment ($1,075,000) ― supports original, marketable quality projects that are ready to go into production and can attract Australian and global audiences.

Jack Irish
Laid Series Two
Croker Island Exodus
Then The Wind Changed
Triangle Wars
Universe 3D

Slate Funding ($249,500) ― financial support towards the cost of overheads incurred while developing film and television projects, allowing producers to build strong, sustainable businesses from which the entire screen industry will benefit.

Moody Street Kids Pty Ltd
December Films Pty Ltd

Established Producer Support ($425,500) ― to strengthen businesses through project development, business planning, and strategic business travel.

Point Blank Pictures Pty Ltd
FG Film Productions (Australia) Pty Ltd
Boilermaker Pty Ltd
Fair Trade Films Pty Ltd
Media World Holdings Pty Ltd

Screen Business ― Online funding ($89,600) ― supports companies to build their online presence and reach audiences that are increasingly watching screen content online.

Atom Vic Inc
Arenamedia Pty Ltd
Screenclass Pty Ltd
Bubbler Interactive Pty Ltd
December Films Pty Ltd
Film Art Media Pty Ltd
Moppet Mode Pty Ltd
Mutiny Media
The Picture Tank

Games investment ($535,562) ― assists Victorian games developers to create a diverse range of games for any distribution platform with an emphasis on technical, creative or design innovation. Nine projects were funded in this round.