WA film Drift named best narrative feature in Puerto Rico

West Australian surf film Drift has been judged best narrative feature at the Rincon International Film Festival held in Puerto Rico.

The film, starring Myles Pollard, Xavier Samuel and Sam Worthington, beat hundreds of other features to claim the title. 

Drift tells the story of the Kelly brothers (Pollard and Xavier) who start up their own surf-wear business in a small coastal WA town in the 60s and 70s. 

The film screened during the week-long film festival to an audience of over 500, with producer Tim Duffy in attendance to participate in a Q&A session afterwards. 

Leading actors Pollard, Xavier and Worthington will be in Perth this Friday to take part in similar Q&A events, for which the tickets to the first session have already sold out. 

Pollard and Worthington both hail from Western Australia, as do many of the other supporting cast, including actors Greg McNeill (The Circuit, September), Sarah Louella (Cloudstreet), Maurie Ogden (The Shark Net), David Bowers (Cloudstreet), Igor Sas (Lockie Leonard), Murray Dowsett (The Circuit), Laura Fairclough (Cloudstreet) and Phil Miolin. Youngsters Sean Keenan (Lockie Leonard) from Busselton and Kai Arbuckle from Clarkson play the young Kelly brothers.

Drift is co-directed by Morgan O'Neill and Ben Nott and is produced by Tim Duffy, Michele Bennet and Myles Pollard.

Drift hits Australian cinemas on May 2.

View the trailer here: