Web comedy looks at right-to-choose

Guy Edmonds and Angus King in Wingman.

An online comedy series starring Guy Edmonds as a guy who’s forced to impregnate seven women in seven days is due to launch later this month.

Directed by Steve Anthopoulos, who co-wrote the scripts with Luke Davidson, Wingman will debut on YouTube.

“You don’t make much money from the ads unless it’s really successful but our main priority is to get our names out there," says Anthopoulos, who collaborated with producer Yingna Lu.

Edmonds’ character Scott is buying the morning-after pill for his girlfriend Becky (Victoria Beck) when he’s confronted by a domineering, extroverted angel named Wingman.

After Wingman warns that he and Becky are committing a grave sin by ending a potential life, Scott sets out to save her from eternal damnation by impregnating seven women in seven days.

Cast as the Wingman is Angus King, whose credits include Danny Deckchair and episodes of A Place to Call Home, Packed to the Rafters and Spirited.

“It’s a funny, sexy show with an underlying message: Everyone has the right to choose,” says Edmonds (The Moodys, House Husbands, Super Awesome!).

Shot in a house in Balmain, the series consists of nine episodes of 4-5 minutes except for the finale which runs for 9 minutes.

Anthopoulos, who directed the short Farid in the West and the web series TBI and The 21 Conspiracy, and Davidson are developing several film and TV projects.