Wrestling zombie movie set for October release

Press release from Strongman Pictures Entertainment

Strongman Pictures Entertainment, in association with PCWe, today announced their release timetable for the women wrestling zombie action movie From Parts Unknown: Fight Like A Girl.

From Parts Unknown: Fight Like A Girl follows the daily perils of pro wrestling female heroine Charlie (played by UK based "wrestle pop" songstress Jenna Dwyer) as she attempts to keep her day job, a secret career as a pro wrestler, and an unexpected outbreak of video game zombies bent on taking over the world, from getting entirely out of hand.

Described by Strongman Pictures Entertainment's Daniel Armstrong as "a wrestling action film, with some zombies, and a token midget" from Parts Unknown: Fight Like A Girl promises body slams, blood splashes and a heap of zombie butt-kicking action.

"Finding an interesting concept for an independent action film is a challenge", says Armstrong, "for me one thing that really appealed about this project was the idea of using pro wrestling as the action. Instead of car chases and shootouts we have snap mares and choke slams! I've seen so many zombie films it borders on ridiculous and I've only very rarely seen a zombie take a clothesline that knocks it's head off, or head butt that crushes it's skull".

From Parts Unknown: Fight Like A Girl stars Jenna Dwyer, a UK based singer who is about to release her first single (co-written with Aussie goth/pop icon Mandy Kane as the theme for the film) called "Fight Like A Girl".

"I had to train with PCWe at their SLAM academy for about 9 weeks to learn how to wrestle", says Dwyer, who prior to working on the film had no interest in professional wrestling at all. "Before we started shooting the cast and crew all went to a PCWe show, I had to ask if it was real?”

Despite being knocked unconscious at least once during the shoot Jenna has continued her wrestling training. She even appeared as wrestling legend The Pitbull's valet at a local show. Jenna has also brought her newfound interest in pro wrestling to her singing career, dubbing her debut sound "wrestlepop", and producing a music video that includes Australia's heaviest hitting women wrestlers. (view it here).

"From knowing nothing about it I have learned to respect wrestling as a craft, and those who do it as some of the hardest working and most passionate performers in the world".

From Parts Unknown: Fight Like A Girl is currently in postproduction, and Strongman Pictures Entertainment has named October 2011 as the month of release. "We began in October many moons ago, so it's fitting we finally finish in October!” says Armstrong.