‘A Perfect Pairing’ (Trailer)

'A Perfect Pairing'.

Netflix rom-com A Perfect Pairing picks up with hard-driving LA wine company sales exec Lola (Victoria Justice) as she quits her job in hopes of starting her own wine distribution company.

After booking herself a plane ticket to rural Australia to chase her first potential client, Vaughn Family Wines, she arrives to find they are not interested in doing business with a fledgling company.

Eager to prove herself, Lola volunteers to fill a vacant position on the Vaughn sheep farm as a farmhand. At first, Lola doesn’t seem cut out for the tough work of mending fences and wrangling sheep, but she and the dashing station manager Max
(Adam Demos) strike up a friendship as he trains her. As they open up to one another, Lola discovers that Australia has introduced her to much more than just a love for entrepreneurship with a newfound love for Max. But will Max’s secrets prevent Lola from reaping what she romantically sows?

Directed by Stuart McDonald, A Perfect Pairing was penned by Elizabeth Hackett and Hilary Galanoy, with Hoodlum Entertainment’s Deborah Glover and Tracey Vieira producing, alongside Robyn Snyder and Deborah Evans.

Hackett also executive produced with Hoodlum’s Tracey Robertson and Nathan Mayfield, as well as Hilary Galanoy and Fernando Szew.

Netflix will release the Queensland-shot film globally on May 19.