Anthony Hayes launches short film streamer

A selection of the films on Retrogression Film Crib.

Actor and filmmaker Anthony Hayes has launched a streaming platform exclusively for short films, Retrogression Film Crib.

Hayes, whose most recent project is Zac Efron-starrer Gold, has launched the platform as a means to encourage younger filmmakers.

“There’s not a lot of avenues for short films, or first time filmmakers to have their work seen, other than film festivals. The Retrogression Film Crib plugs that gap, and gives filmmakers a passive revenue at the same time,” he said.

Anthony Hayes.

Retrogression Film Crib is free for viewers, with filmmakers paid on a per-view basis in the form of the cryptocurrency RTGN Token.

IF understands that filmmakers will be paid the equivalent of $5 in RTGN Token for every 1,000 views, with payments collectable after every 10,000 views.

Filmmakers will then be able to cash out their RTGN Tokens for other cryptocurrency, or real-world currency like the Aussie dollar.

Filmmakers will have to register a cryptocurrency wallet with the streamer when their film is accepted to be hosted.

Retrogression Film Crib does not require exclusivity, and currently hosts several Oscar nominated shorts, such as Steve Pasvolsky’s Inja. It is Hayes’ intention to also host the first short films of established filmmakers and hold exclusive Q&As.

Among the several other Aussie films currently up on the platform are Glendyn Ivin’s Cracker Bag, Dylan River’s Nulla Nulla, and Peter Skinner’s Lost Boy.

“It’s up to those of us who are experiencing success to pay it forward in whatever way we can,” said Hayes.

Filmmakers who want to submit their short films can go to