Big Dreamers on ABC

[Press Release by ABC TV]

This is a story about one man’s struggle to build the World’s Biggest Gumboot, a local production.

When filmmakers, Camille Hardman and John Fink decided to make a film about “Big Things”, they travelled far and wide.

After word on their story soon spread, they found themselves giving a weekly Big Things update on nation-wide radio with Triple J. The stories poured in, but nothing was quite right.

And then one day, after thousands of miles of travel the story arrived.

After Brazil dumped it’s sugar on the global market, the far North Queensland town of Tully suffered. How were they to compete with Brazil? Then lifetime Rotary Club member, Ron Hunt had an idea.

Ron wanted to build the World’s Biggest Gumboot in honour of Tully’s record rainfall of 7.98m metres in 1950.

Big Dreamers captures the story. It’s quirk. It’s funny. It’s on Thursday November 27 at 9.30pm on ABC1.