‘Bump’ (Season 2 Trailer)

In the second season of Stan’s Bump, premiering Boxing Day, Oly (Nathalie Morris) and Santi (Carlos Sanson Jr) continue to get to know each other, and discover just how much families can mess you up.

Meanwhile, Angie (Claudia Karvan) ​and Dom (Angus Sampson) continue to deal with the fallout of their separation and the complicated new relationships and dramas they have found themselves immersed in.

Also returning for Season 2 are stars Paula Garcia as Rosa, Ioane Saula as Vince, Safia Arain as Reema, Claudia Di Giusti as Bernadita, Sarah Meacham as Madison, Ricardo Scheihing Vasquez as Matias, Miguel Andrade as Alejandro, Christian Byers as Bowie, and Jana Zvendeniuk as Katerina.

Bump is produced by Roadshow Rough Diamond and its founders Dan and John Edwards along with Claudia Karvan. The series is co-created by Kelsey Munro and  Karvan, with the writing team also consisting of Kelsey Munro, Jessica Tuckwell, Timothy Lee, Mithila Gupta, Steven Arriagada and Dr Fernanda Penaloza. Season 2 is directed by Geoff Bennett, Matthew Moore, Jessica Tuckwell and Leticia Caceres.