Channel Nine to bring Gallipoli to the small screen in 2015

Production on a television drama about the 1915 Gallipoli landing will begin next year.

Channel Nine has announced its commitment to the production, which will screen in 2015 in honour of the 100th anniversary of the battle.

The network has stated the series will be the “most ambitious television drama in Australian history.”

By the time it hits Australian screens, Gallipoli will have been three years in the making and will be over eight hours in length.

Channel Nine has described the series as being, “the definitive dramatization of the battle that shaped the Anzac legend.”

Gallipoli is set to look at not only the experiences of the Australian diggers in the trenches, but the Turkish soldiers, the wives and families back at home, the journalists who reported on the battle and the political intrigue in Australia and London.

The series will be directed by Glendyn Ivin (Beaconsfield, Puberty Blues) and produced by John Edwards (Howzat! Kerry Packer’s War, Beaconsfield, Paper Giants), Imogen Banks (Puberty Blues, Offspring) and Robert Connolly (produced Balibo and The Boys, directed Underground: The Julian Assange Story and The Slap).

  1. Great – it’ll probably set a new record of the number of adverts that can be aired. Howzat! was bad enough but this will be an even bigger opportunity for Nine.

  2. Can’t wait. The calibre of Channel Nine’s recent productions has been exemplary, which bodes well for a enjoyable, high quality series.

  3. About time, every year I wonder why none of the tv channels air “Gallipoli” the movie, from way back in the eighties. It’s a tribute that would make the day even more special. Having seen the line up of actors who will be starring, I can’t wait for next year. I’m so excited & can’t believe I have to watch the commercial for it starting now & not being able to see it for another year!!!!! Geez!!!

  4. Who sings the theme song to gallipoli movie?
    I like the song but I don’t know who sings it

  5. I cannot wait to see this television event of 2015, former (injuryed, but survived) ADF soldier from the IRAQ campaign. I am very very patriotic and I am curious, I have been searching and cannot find any info. The latest ad has “This is Australia!” repeated and I would really love to know who is singing this verse, is it a complete song and can I hear it via youtube or iTunes?

    I have the slim dusty version, john williamson etc… (did I mention I’m a country boy?).

    Help will be much appreciated.

    Thank You.

  6. My husband & I are shift workers & the shows are on too late for us to watch, & wondered if the series will be released on DVD?

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