Charles Jazz Terrier aiming to raise the bar with ‘WTFitness’

Charles Jazz Terrier

A new comedy series exploring life inside Melbourne’s cosmopolitan gyms will head into production later this year.

Created by Charles Jazz Terrier, WTFitness is set to offer a light-hearted view on a genuine Australian workplace while delving into deeper social and economic issues.

Included in the cast are Christopher Kirby, Kat Stewart, Jonny Brugh, Trevor Jamieson, and Terrier, who also produces via Fantome Bay Pictures.

The eight-part series is being co-produced with Amie Casey of Red Empire Productions and executive produced Shari Hamrick and Steve Chicorel, of US sales and production company Organic Media Group.

It is being financed through a combination of the Producer Offset and support from the sales/distributor and equity partners.

Terrier, who developed the concept with Nicholas Potaris during the pandemic, said he wanted it to reflect the climate while “being inclusive for all involved, and those watching from home”.

β€œIn WTFitness, we saw a unique opportunity to marry the Aussie sense of humour with a series that navigates both Australian and universal social and economic issues, with the content in some cases acting as a teaching mechanism between the situation and the audience,” he said.

Chicorel expected WTFitness to bridge the gap between the Australian domestic and foreign territories.

β€œWTFitness has that special blend of unique Australian comedy combined with real-world situations and characters that are relatable universally,” he said

“Organic Media Group expects the content will be well received external to Australia and is excited to present the series to the international market.”

Casey said while a platform was yet to be confirmed, the producers would be looking specifically at Stan and Paramount+ as they “help lend the project to be more easily transitioned into the global market”.

WTFitness will head into production in Melbourne later this year.