'Aussie Gold Hunters'.

Eureka! Discovery Australia and UK have co-commissioned a seventh and eighth season of Electric Pictures’ Aussie Gold Hunters.

The 40-hour order will bring the series total to 124 episodes since it was first broadcast internationally in 2016.

Aussie Gold Hunters follows teams of gold prospectors as they risk it all to find their fortune on some of the richest gold bearing grounds in the world.

It is Discovery Channel Australia’s highest rating local series of all time, and has been the no. 1 factual series on Foxtel for four consecutive years (2017-2020). Season five was the best performing season yet, growing its audience by 8 per cent, and season six will launch in Australia on Thursday.

In the UK, where Aussie Gold Hunters airs on Discovery’s Quest, season five saw an audience increase of 31 per cent, reaching 7.94 million. It also screens on streamer discovery+.

Seasons seven and eight have been supported by Screenwest and Lotterywest and the Western Australian Screen Fund (WASP), and Film Victoria’s Regional Location Assistance Fund.

Andrew Ogilvie, Andrea Quesnelle and Robin Shingleton are executive producers for Electric Pictures with Mike Hoath joining the team as series producer, a role which he will share with Robin Shingleton. Rob Holloway and Thierry Bled are executive producers for Discovery.

Electric Pictures CEO Ogilvie said: “We are very excited to continue our relationship with Discovery and start work on the next season of Aussie Gold Hunters. This past year has been a challenge for producers globally due to the pandemic, but we’ve been fortunate that the production of Aussie Gold Hunters has been able to continue with virtually no interruption.

“I’m very proud of the Electric Pictures production team whose skill and dedication have made the series the success that it is. I’d also like to thank the Discovery executives who have worked closely with us to ensure that this co-production is increasingly successful season after season.”

Darren Chau, senior director, production, Discovery ANZ said: “Aussie Gold Hunters continues to be Discovery Australia’s most successful franchise and we are incredibly proud of our investment into local content with the order of a further two seasons. At Discovery, we are passionate about the production of content that resonates both locally and internationally and this is a format that continues to drive success across multiple markets.”

DCD Rights will distribute Aussie Gold Hunters for Electric Pictures in more than 130 countries outside of the Discovery territories.

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  1. Guys your missing millions in gold your runoff pond is holding hundreds of ounces start of season new runoff pond line run pipeline in bottom end of season start leaching that runoff

  2. I honestly don’t understand WHY the cast keeps changing. Where are Vern Strange and Jake Larsen? What happened to Christine and Greg Clark? Why aren’t Ted, Lecky, and Tyler on the show anymore? Did Rick Fisher just quit gold hunting or did he get fired from the show? What about Henry and Kelly? I know that Eric dumped Alex … but is Alex still mining? What happened with Neville Perry and Mick Clark? Did they ever get their mining lease sorted?

    You bring these personalities into our lives, then they just disappear without any explanation whatsoever!

    I was really looking forward to watching the new season, but when I tuned in, I didn’t recognize a single soul! Absolutely gutted. 🙁

      1. What’s the update with Neville amd Mick?
        The government can’t just change goal posts, if it were I’d just go and mine it and say I’ll see in court.

    1. I was a loyal fan of the show here in Canada , which must air months later . But the fact that all my favorite characters have vanished from site , has really put me off viewing the new season . Do the “gold hunters” get tired of production crews following them around daily ? Or do they ask for money per episode and get fired ? The least the producers of the show can do is tell us the dam truth !

  3. Oh I totally agree with Liane. I was so looking forward to seeing Mick and Neville. We need to know what has happened to them. I’ve tried to google them but nothing comes up except that they were on in 2019 n 2020.

  4. I also agree with Liane. Almost all of our long-term favourites are not part of the show!
    Really disappointed, please bring them all back.

  5. Totally agree !! What is the point of getting invested in these characters if they just disappear without any explanation. Where the hell are Neville and Mick, and what has happened to the rest of them ??

  6. What’s with the music overlaying the talking.. It’s spoiling the programme.. It’s to loud I love this show but it’s now annoying me so much that I can’t hear dialogue hope this can be addressed

  7. I liked the previous people way better. These new crews complain far too much. Turns us off of the show.

  8. I quit watching since since Kelli, Vernon, Greg, Nick and their partners aren’t on anymore. I live in US. We got and guess still get AGH 2 hours in morning and 2 hours in evening. I couldn’t wait to c everyone. Even Rick. What happened to this people? Not too late to bring them back. This crew just not like originals.

  9. Where is Lindsay Ironside. Question on behalf of every hot and sweaty male miner who watches the show.

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