Drag comedy Silver Stiletto completes post-production

Press release from Ignition Films

While the debate over gay marriage continues, the producers of Silver Stiletto have completed post-production on the vigilante drag caper only days after Texan Republican, Rick Perry declared that “promoting special rights for gay people in foreign countries” was a violation of American values. Perry was responding to Hilary Clinton’s declaration that “gay rights are human rights” in her address in Geneva on the 6 December.

“It’s funny that equal rights for all regardless of sexual orientation are deemed to be “special” by some”, says Craig Rossiter, writer. “I never really appreciated the idea of how art imitates life until now. The intent behind Silver Stilleto was to create a funny and unusual story by giving a gay twist to an established genre. But I look at everything that is happening about gay rights, be it gay marriage in the west or the removal of the death penalty for being homosexual in other parts of the world, and can now see the deep conflict and resistance to moral change reflected in the film”.

“I think that gay marriage is fundamentally about the right to love and have that love recognised as legitimate by the laws and structures of the community in which you contribute and participate. Silver Stiletto has a strong theme of vengeance that came about when the right to love was taken away by someone else’s hate and ignorance. It was a crime of words as well as deeds”, says Director Luke Mayze.

“Bille Brown, who plays a Catholic priest in the film, found similarities between the imagery of Silver Stiletto and the legend of Saint Michael standing over the slain dragon” explains, Guy Edmonds. “In this case, Saint Michael is in drag and looks like Brittany Spears, but it was a very insightful and flattering perspective on the film. People will see what they want to see. That is the beauty of cinema” says Guy Edmonds.

Despite its recent completion, the film has enjoyed early success. The film was awarded Silver from the Australian Cinematographers Association in November. Graeme McMahon, the Director of Photography, also won Bronze for his work on the short It’s a Treat, also directed by Luke Mayze and starring Guy Edmonds.

“I am very proud of what we’ve been able to produce. It’s a short film but it’s cinematic and has the potential to be something much bigger” says Director, Luke Mayze.

The filmmakers will take a rest over Christmas and then start to organise public screenings in the new-year. They are also submitting the film to international film festivals. A new trailer is in the works and will hit You Tube, Vimeo and Facebook in the coming months.

A new look website and poster has also been produced and the Silver Stiletto theme, composed by David Lazar, is available on reverb nation. The filmmakers have made the recording available in the public domain.