Flame Premium 2012 – Autodesk’s ultimate finishing toolset

Get Smoke, Flame and Lustre  all on a single license on one workstation.

Get the best of Autodesk's creative finishing with Flame Premium 2012 from Digistor

Autodesk Flame Premium 2012 software provides Autodesk’s best finishing tools for real-time colour grading, editorial finishing, and 3D visual effects—as a single license on one workstation. Flame Premium lets you add full-service creative finishing for high-end post, taking advantage of proven Autodesk solutions. Flame Premium helps facilities provide end-to-end creative offerings: from powerful tools for real-time grading, 3D relighting, and timeline-based finishing to smooth data management that can help you finish your complex projects faster. Your clients expect you to be a true finishing artist, and that means controlling all aspects of a project as you move quickly between conform, advanced 3D visual effects, and real-time colour correction. Flame Premium puts the best Autodesk finishing tools in your hands as you tackle your toughest projects.

Increase Creative Capacity
Flame Premium redefines high-end post with end-to-end creative tools that let artists take control of finishing. By combining the real-time colour grading of Autodesk Lustre 2012 software with tools that integrate 3D visual effects and ultra-realistic 3D lighting effects on a single workstation, you can be ready for whatever creative finishing challenges your clients present.

Real-Time Colour Grading
The real-time colour grading tools in Flame Premium bring new options for working with colour into the finishing suite. Giving artists a broader range of creative finishing tools can help you retain jobs in your facility and attract new clients with new creative offerings.

Holistic Stereoscopic 3D Finishing
Flame Premium offers comprehensive stereoscopic 3D (S3D) finishing tools for colour correction and powerful 3D visual effects. In Flame Premium you can grade S3D timelines in real time while accessing interactive compositing tools that integrate 3D lighting and geometry in a true stereoscopic workspace.

Desktop or Timeline-Based Finishing Workflow
Flame Premium offers the full Batch and Action creative toolset of Flame in both the traditional desktop workflow and the timeline-based finishing workflow of Autodesk Smoke Advanced 2012 software. Conform, navigate, and finish multi-layer timeline based projects with greater ease and without sacrificing the creative tools you depend on in Flame.

Familiar Creative Environment
Autodesk finishing and colour grading tools share a common approach to design, making it easier to integrate the editorial finishing and colour correction skills that help you stay ahead of the competition.

Single License, More Creativity
With instant access to 3D visual effects, real-time colour grading, and editorial finishing on a single workstation it has never been easier to build flexibility into your creative offerings. Artists can move between creative tasks or finishing services in the time it takes to change applications.

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