Set against the guts and glory world of the AFL, Four Quarters is a comedy series influenced in real time from the weekend's footy and following the lives of four friends as they talk life, love and grand final tickets every Monday at their local.

There are curses to be shaken, there are (Eddie) bets to be made and team infidelity rears its ugly head.

Ten (6-8 minute) episodes are being shot over nine weeks from Round 18 and finishing on Grand Final day. Script outlines are written in advance but the final draft of each script is written on Sunday night, informed by what happened on the weekend. Shot Monday when we know the results; cut and released via youtube as super topical comedy gold on Tuesday.

In the centre square there's Gavin, an endearing loser with a penchant for stats, staring across the bar at the beautiful publican who has tackled his heart. Four Quarters is a funny and heartfelt story about football, passion and making time for your friends (and at the same time as hoping their team loses by ten goals).

Episodes to date feature cameos from Barry Hall, Bomber Thompson, Cameron Mooney, Dyson Heppell, Reece Conca, Matt Thomas ,Travis Colyer. Who will be next?


GAVIN, TRENT, and MARC have known each other since they were young men playing amateur football every Saturday afternoon. Since hanging up their boots their weekly catch-up drinking has evolved. The raucous Friday nights of their youth are long gone, replaced by a ‘very civilised’ Monday afternoon drink at their local. Here, joined in the last year by Marc’s new 24 year-old couch surfer and brother-in-law KANE, the three old friends and their young apprentice talk life, love, and a whole lot of bloody footy, mate.

Produced by Aidan O’Bryan and Janelle Landers, WBMC (offices in Perth, Sydney and Helsinki) and directed by Dogboy (most noted for the multi award-winning Toyota ‘Legendary Moments’ campaign) Four Quarters is written by footy die-hards Kaleb McKenna and Kristian Barron and shot at the Union Club Hotel in Fitzroy,

Four Quarters stars Nick Farnell (Blinder, Killing Time), Scott Johnson (Jersey Boys), Rik Brown (Utopia, I Love You Too), comedian Amos Gill, Jane Allsop (House Husbands, Blue Heelers) and Eddie Baroo (Fat Tony & Co). Four Quarters is funded by ScreenWest and Screen Australia.