‘Gold Diggers’ (Trailer)

'Gold Diggers'

ABC period comedy Gold Diggers stars Claire Lovering at Gert Brewer, a headstrong party animal, and Danielle Walker as Marigold, her blissfully naïve sister.

Together, they are willing to do anything to secure their fortune in 1850s Australia, but first they must suffer the lads, lice, and lechery of the goldfields.

Megan Wilding plays Fran, their dubious French ex-BFF, while Luke Mullins is Percy, the rich and fancy mining magnate, with Wil King his protective Butler, Jerome.

Eddie Perfect takes on the role of Barry, the all-knowing barkeep, and Brandon McClelland is Leonard, the town’s cop, and possible incel.

Perry Mooney stars as Vic, the head of the local Fur Traders, leading her posse, Kartanya Maynard as Molly, and Aaron McGrath as Albert. JJ Fong is Zhi Ling, the boss of Chinatown, and George Zhao plays her younger brother Ben, while Semisi Cheekam is 16-year-old entrepreneur Kelvin.

Rounding out the cast are joined Michala Banas as Tippy, the prim, moral compass of the town, and Lincoln Younes, who makes a special appearance as JJ, the leader of the feared McCreedy Bushrangers.

Produced by KOJO Studios/Stampede Ventures partnership The Alliance with CBS Studios, the eight-part series was created by Jack Yabsley, who wrote the scripts alongside Erica Harrison, Shontell Ketchell, Alex Lee, Sara Khan, Wendy Mocke, and Amy Stewart.

Helena Brooks was set-up director, with Muffy Potter serving as series producer, Trudi-Ann Tierney as script producer, and Kate Butler as co-producer. Executive producing were Linda Ujuk, JP Sarni, Greg Silverman, and Dale Roberts.

Gold Diggers premieres Wednesday, July 5 at 9.10pm on ABC TV and ABC iview.