John Waters’ acclaimed production coming soon

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John Waters returns in his critically acclaimed production Looking Through A Glass Onion – a homage to the music, mystery and memory of John Lennon – for the first time at the Sydney Opera House from 30 November.

John Lennon would have been 70 years old on October 9 this year and December 8th marks 30 years since he was tragically gunned down outside his New York City apartment.

Just a stone’s throw from where they first performed it at the Tilbury Hotel in 1992 John Waters and musical collaborator Stewart D’Arrietta with band will remount Glass Onion in a very special and intimate production at the Playhouse of the Sydney Opera House.

“Angry, wired and wiry… a powerfully recalled lament.” London Guardian

“A truly compelling performance that successfully delivers all the emotions, atmosphere and idealism to those who lived during that magical era.” The Morning Bulletin

According to Waters Looking Through A Glass Onion rather than being biographical, offers a refreshing experience for audiences who either grew up in the era or young people who can learn much from the philosophy of Lennon.

“His was one of the first voices to come from the world of pop music that was serious and had some intellectual content. He was extremely honest, and had a lot to say about the illusory nature of fame.”

This original production cleverly weaves together Lennon’s introspective, reflective philosophy, humour and observations with his songs (31 to be precise) including, to name just a few, A Day in The Life Strawberry Fields Forever, Revolution, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, Working Class Hero, Imagine, and Glass Onion – a song which, Waters says , “reflects on the Beatles past and represents the imagery of somebody looking at a crystal ball – not at the future, but at the past.”

“It is not a tribute show that mimics the legend, neither does it attempt to dissect, interpret or analyse. Perhaps that’s as it should be.” The Age

It’s a show that stirs emotions, rekindles old memories, fuels passions and evokes Lennon’s honest, self critical, bitter-sweet humour, and disdain for pretentiousness and pomposity. “John Waters encapsulates the essence of Lennon, the band makes Lennon’s music sound fresher than ever and Waters' uncanny vocals makes it all the more poignant.. it's a must see." Leisure Time

VENUE: Sydney Opera Playhouse

DATES: From Tuesday 30 November

DURATION: 135 minutes (includes 1 x 20min interval)

BOOKINGS: (02) 9250 7777 or

The website

PRICES: Saturday Evening: All tickets $99

All other performances: $99 / $89 Concession $75


ever and Waters’ uncanny vocals makes it all the more poignant.. it’s a must see.” Leisure Time