Karla Hart and Komixx Entertainment ready YA pilot, ‘Wirnitj’

Karla Hart and Amanda Morrison.

Komixx Entertainment is producing a pilot for a new young adult drama based on the experiences of Aboriginal elder Aden Eades, the uncle of filmmaker, actress and radio personality Karla Hart.

Hart has created the period thriller, titled Wirnitj, which follows Eades’ life.

At just eight years old, Aden witnessed the savage murder of his mother at the hands of two drunken soldiers. However, when the soldiers turned their attentions to him, inexplicably stones rain down from the sky to protect him.

While growing up and trying to supress terrible memories, Aden creates a well of energy that generates an array of paranormal experiences. But is Aden cursed or possessed? Or are ‘The Spirit Stones’ a message from the Aboriginal spirits, angry at the Noongar people?

Shooting now in WA, the pilot has been supported by Screenwest’s Elevate+ program, aimed at diverse and Indigenous filmmakers.

The hope is to take the project through to an 8 x 60 minute series that would follow Aden’s path through adolescence.

Hart has written the screenplay with Nick Musgrove, and directs, with Komixx Australia managing director and head of global production Amanda Morrison producing.

Morrison tells IF she and Hart have been friends for some years, and have been looking for the right project to collaborate on.

The aim is to pitch the project to broadcasters after the pilot is shot. The cast remain under wraps.

Morrison said: “Wirnitj is a celebration of the richness of Noongar spirituality – harnessing the supernatural elements of Aboriginal dreamtime stories. We are really excited to be working with creator Karla Hart and sharing this unique and thrilling story.”

Devina McPherson, Indigenous manager at Screenwest said: “Screenwest is committed to developing Indigenous and diverse filmmakers and through our Elevate+ funding initiative, and we are so proud and excited to support the creation of Wirnitj, a magical and deeply moving, personal family story from Karla Hart.

“We have exceptional First Nations talent in Western Australia and the diverse and inspirational projects we are supporting could prove game-changing for the careers of our aspiring filmmakers.”

The Komixx Australia team recently wrapped production on the second season of ABC’s 10-part children’s series Itch.