Klose call for Adelaide film composer

Adelaide based film composer and sound designer Ashley Klose is
attending the prestigious 2007 ASCAP Film & Television Scoring Workshop in
Los Angeles (July 10 – August 3 2007). 

He is the only Australian artist in the group of 12 selected to
participate in the intensive workshop.

An accomplished orchestral composer, Ashley is particularly excited to
be attending the Orchestral Workshop, paneled by a number of high profile
Hollywood composers including:

- Hans Zimmer, (Gladiator, Mission Impossible 2, Hannibal, The Lion
, Thelma & Louise)

- Richard Bellls, (Startrek Deep Space Nine series)

- Michael Giacchino, (Lost, Mission Impossible 3, The Incredibles)

Ashley already has an impressive portfolio, including work on 50 short
films, 48 television commercials (24 international), and documentaries for SBS,
ABC, Channel 7, NWS 9 and numerous computer games (including titles for Sony

He has also worked on numerous feature films including Look Both Ways
(winner of Best Film at 2006 AFI Awards),
Thunderstruck, The Old Man Who Read
Love Stories
and Lantana (winner of Best Film at 2002 AFI Awards).

Last year Ashley won the national APRA Professional Development Award
for Film & Television Composing (the award recognizes Australia’s leading
emerging screen composing talent).

Ashley is now on a six week international professional development tour,
starting in London, then Paris, Los Angeles and finally to Vancouver. 

Ashley said ‘It’s an honour to be selected to represent Australia at the
2007 ASCAP Film & Television Scoring Workshop. I hope to make a lot of new
industry contacts and I plan on telling them all that Adelaide is home to some of
the best creative people in the world.’

Ashley’s goal is to bring international work back to Adelaide. APRA and
their overseas affiliate companies are assisting by setting up meetings with
relevant industry contacts, including film producers, directors, production
companies, computer game companies, and music producers.

Michelle O’Donnell, Manager Film & Television at APRA said ‘Ashley’s
strong motivation and commitment to extend his composing boundaries to an
international level, combined with the current momentum of his APRA PDA Award,
and acceptance into the prestigious ASCAP Scoring Workshop, stands him in very
good stead to make an impact on the international arena of film and television


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