‘Latecomers’ (Trailer) 

Digital Original Latecomers will premiere on International Day of Disability, December 3, on SBS Viceland and SBS On Demand.  

Latecomers follows Frank and Sarah as they are thrust together after their able-bodied friends hook up at a bar. They form a reluctant bond over their shared disability and its impact on their romantic lives – or lack thereof. The show is both an expression and representation of the intricacies of sex and disability, exploring the hard truths about disability, misogyny, love, and self-worth.  

Latecomers is led by Hannah Diviney in her acting debut alongside series co-creator, Angus Thompson. The cast also includes Miriama Smith, Patrick Jhanur, Tracy Mann, Emily Havea, Tom Wilson, Brittany Santariga, Amy Kersey, Piper Brown, and Liam Freinke.  

The series is written and created by Emma Myers, Thompson and Nina Oyama, directed by Madeleine Gottlieb and Alistair Baldwin, and produced by Hannah Ngo and Liam Heyen.  

Co-writer, co-creator and actor Thompson said: “When you have cerebral palsy and you’re trying to find love, or even just a hook-up, the journey comes with a lot of awkwardness, rejection, pain and loneliness. Most people just take it as their lot in life – but not me. I made a whole show out of it! And so did my co-creator Emma Myers. Thank you SBS for the opportunity, we are honoured to be able to show an authentic portrayal of disability and sex to a wider audience. I never thought I’d see disabled characters seen sexually on-screen the way we’ve portrayed them. My shirtless scenes have already become a hot topic amongst the production team… we’ll soon see what our audience has to say!” 

Latecomers was produced as part of SBS, NITV Screen Australia’s Digital Originals initiative, aimed at developing exciting and innovative short-form drama projects from creatives who are under-represented in the screen sector.  

Coinciding with the Australian launch, the series will premiere on CBC Gem in Canada.