Leonardo.Ai raises $47 million to further generative AI platform

An example of the art created through , Leonardo.Ai.

Startup Leonardo.Ai is primed to take the next steps with its generative AI content production platform after raising $47 million from investors, the likes of which include Blackbird, Side Stage Ventures, Smash Capital, TIRTA Ventures, Gaorong Capital, and Samsung Next.

The platform was set up late last year as a way to create art concepts from which users could edit and build multiple assets in the same style and feature set. In video production, this could extend to the storyboard for a scene or a short film, while in gaming, it may assist with the creation of characters, as well as worlds.

Creators can also custom-build and finetune their own AI models for image generation, with over 470,000 models already trained.

The company has amassed more than seven million users since being launched, with clientele stretching across the entertainment, fashion design, advertising, and architecture industries, as well as AAA gaming studios.

It has now established a new creation tool, Realtime Canvas, which allows for user input onto a painting canvas that is transformed by AI in real-time, while introducing a primary Enterprise offering, where users will have access to their production APIs, giving companies the ability to build infrastructure on top of Leonardo.Ai’s platform.

Leonardo.Ai has also welcomed two new senior hires in chief of staff Donna Thomas and chief people officer Ellie Miller.

Co-founder and CEO JJ Fiasson said the company’s mission was to empower creativity.

“Whether you’re a novice who loves art or a professional who creates every day, Leonardo.Ai helps fuel both,” he said.

“We’re helping democratise creativity by lowering the barrier to entry, and we’re also accelerating creative productivity for professionals.”

“From our initial uptake, it’s clear that creators see the power of our platform to support the creative process. This new funding round will help us continue to build out our tech and team to empower creativity for millions around the world.”