MEAA Federal Secretary Christopher Warren not seeking re-election

MEAA federal secretary Christopher Warren has advised the union’s federal management committee he will not seek re-election when his current four-year-term term expires next year.

In a memo distributed to MEAA staff on February 3, (and shared with IF by MEAA Communications Manager Mike Dobbie), Warren stated he was making this announcement now so the Federal Management Committee could have enough time to identify an appropriate replacement.

“Federal Council is meeting next month to reshape the union,” Warren writes. “It will be considering certain changes to the method of selection of senior staff, including the position of Federal Secretary. I support those changes. It is important that Council have before it the full picture – that it is making a practical and important decision with immediate impact on how to ensure the union gets someone with the skills and support to do the job.”

“Giving this advice now means that, as the national leadership of the union, the FMC will have the time to work through the processes to identify an appropriate person to be the next Federal Secretary. This is a key role for the national leadership on this committee whatever the final method of selection. At the end of the day, the Federal Secretary is effectively the CEO of the organisation and needs to be able to work with the senior elected officials of the union and implement their strategy.”

Warren has held the position of Federal Secretary for over 20 years.

A firm believe in change and renewal, Warren prides himself on being able to help the MEAA evolve and keep up with industry over the years. He listed the independently funded Walkley Foundation and the Equity Foundation, along with the union’s work with global organisations, as just some of his achievements during his 22-year appointment.

Warren’s term will expire in 2015.