‘Mystery Road: Origin’ (Trailer)

Mark Coles Smith as Jay Swan with Grace Chow as Cindy in 'Mystery Road Origin' (Image: David Dare Parker)

Bunya Productions’ Mystery Road: Origin explores how a tragic death, an epic love, and the brutal reality of life as a police officer straddling two worlds, form the mould out which Detective Jay Swan emerges.

It’s 1999 and the world is on the cusp of a new century. It’s a time of hope for many and a chance to tell a new story. But some old stories can’t be easily wished away.

Jay Swan, a freshly minted police detective, will discover this harsh truth when he takes up his first posting in a mining town, Jardine, population 1000. Jay doesn’t know he is on the verge of a story that will change his life forever.

While in town Jay will be confronted by a series of robberies, perpetrated by a masked gang, that are as random as they are violent. Fingers are pointed at a local hire company with petty crime connections, but the culprits are closer to home. In fact, they are right under Jay’s nose.

Mark Coles Smith, as Young Jay, leads an impressive ensemble of established stars and emerging talent including Toby Leonard Moore, Daniel Henshall, Lisa Flanagan, Clarence Ryan, Steve Bisley, Caroline Brazier, Hayley McElhinney, Serene Yunupingu, Kelton Pell, Leonie Whyman, Salme Geransar, Nina Young, Jayden Popik, Grace Chow, with Tuuli Narkle as Jay’s great love, Mary.

The six-part series is directed by Dylan River, who also wrote the episodes alongside Blake Ayshford, Steven McGregor, Kodie Bedford, and Timothy Lee. Mystery Road veterans Greer Simpkin and David Jowsey are back as producers of the prequel story.

Mystery Road: Origin will launch on Sunday, July 3.