Network 10 reveals second batch of Pilot Week shows

Catfish Australia’s Casey Donovan.

An Australian version of the long-running MTV dating show Catfish and a Sydney riff on Crazy Rich Asians are among the shows that will screen on Network 10’s second annual Pilot Week.

Casey Donovan and documentarian Patrick Abboud will host Eureka Productions’ Catfish Australia while Screentime’s Sydney’s Crazy Rich Asians will follow six well-to-do Asians in Sydney and their fixer, a format created by Johnny Lowry.

The line-up also includes CJZ’s Part Time Privates, a sitcom created by and starring Heidi Arena (Little Lunch, The Librarians) and Thank God You’re Here’s Nicola Parry as two mums-turned-private eyes; Matchbox Pictures and Two Scoop Media’s I Am…Roxy!, which will delve into the daily life of publicist and talent manager Roxy Jacenko; and Screentime’s My 80 Year Old Flatmate, a reality show in which older Aussies rent their rooms to young people.

As happened last year, 10 will commission series based on the pilots which get the most viewers.

Network 10 chief content officer Beverley McGarvey, said: “We were so thrilled with the quality and creativity we achieved with our partners in the production community for Pilot Week last year. We can’t wait to see how this year’s projects deliver.

“It is clear that more domestic content is what our audiences really crave, and we are working hard to ensure we can provide an innovative and diverse slate of local shows.”

Part Time Privates
Two mothers at a local primary school decide to start a home-based private investigation business so they can enjoy flexible working hours. As their business unexpectedly thrives, they find themselves thrown deep into the world of working undercover, moving between school pick-ups, dance group and lunch orders to threesomes, insurance fraud and failed relationships.

Produced by CJZ. CJZ Executive Producers Toni Malone and Nick Murray. Network 10 Executive Producer Paul Leadon.

Sydney’s Crazy Rich Asians
Money, shopping, cars, events and glamour, this show follows the opulent lives of six out-sized characters and their local fixer who waits on their every want and need…no matter the cost.

Produced by Screentime. Screentime Executive Producer Johnny Lowry. Network 10 Executive Producer Paul Leadon.

I Am…Roxy!
No publicity is bad publicity could well be the maxim of PR guru, publicist, talent manager, reality star, author and mother-of-two Roxy Jacenko. This comedic access-all-areas pilot pries into the everyday life behind her world of high glamour and outrageous excess.

Produced by Matchbox Pictures and Two Scoops Media. Matchbox Pictures Executive Producer Debbie Byrne. Two Scoops Media Executive Producer Michael Wipfli. Network 10 Executive Producer Ciaran Flannery.

Catfish Australia
Casey Donovan joins Walkley-nominated documentarian Patrick Abboud on the quest to uncover the truth about online relationships, helping every day Aussies who have suspicions about their Internet beaus and uncovering the real identities behind the online profiles.

Produced by Eureka Productions. Eureka Productions Executive Producer Tom Richardson. Network 10 Executive Producer Ciaran Flannery.

My 80 Year Old Flatmate

Billed as reality TV with heart, older Aussies offer cheap rent to hard-up millennials in exchange for company and help around the house, resulting in surprising friendships and mutually-beneficial relationships. .

Produced by Screentime. Screentime Executive Producer Johnny Lowry. Network 10 Executive Producer Paul Leadon