‘One Night’ (Teaser)

Yael Stone, Jodie Whittaker, and Nicole da Silva.

Paramount+ drama One Night follows three friends from the South Coast whose bond is all but broken by a traumatic event that occurred when they were 19.

At 40, Simone, played by Nicole da Silva, finally gets to write and publish the story she most needed to tell, but is faced with the reality that at the heart of her novel is a tragedy that also happened to Tess (Jodie Whittaker) and Hat (Yael Stone).

The relationship between collective and individual memory is explored through the use of flashbacks, as the trio tries to rekindle their friendship while hiding secrets and secret selves from each other.

The ensemble cast also includes Kat Stewart, George Mason, Erroll Shand, Noni Hazlehurst, Tina Bursill, William Zappa, Damien Strouthos, and Jillian Nguyen.

Written by Emily Ballou, who also serves as executive producer, One Night was directed by Catherine Millar and Lisa Matthews, with Easy Tiger’s Ian Collie, Rob Gibson and Ally Henville producing. Motive Pictures’ Simon Maxwell and Sophia Mogford from Paramount+ are also executive producing alongside co-executive producer Harriet Creelman.

The series, which was filmed at locations in the Illawarra, Sydney, Parramatta and the Northern Beaches, received major production investment from Screen Australia in association with Paramount+. Fifth Season is handling international sales.

One Night will premiere Friday, September 1 on Paramount +.