Order the 2021 IF Production Book and look younger, feel great – or at least, get a free IF sub

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We don’t usually embark on shameless self-promotion, but we’re in lockdown, working remotely, and bored!

We want to remind you to subscribe to the IF Production Book, because if you do, you’ll receive a free, 12-month IF Magazine subscription, plus you’ll go into a draw to win one of two ARRI unit bags, and a couple of ARRI branded t-shirts… Thanks Brett!

The IF Production Book helps you to choose from over 15,000 Australian and New Zealand film and TV production crew and industry suppliers. There are 245 categories, so you’ll always find what you’re looking for in an instant.

Check out this rugged solution for your gear.

It’s like your very own address book. Find contact details for thousands of freelancers and production staff, and crew up with the best people for your next production.

And, if you’re film or TV crew or a production supplier, why not get listed and ensure you’re in front of the people that matter?

A basic entry in the IF Production Book gives you a simple profile and gets you in search results – and it’s completely free. Choose the categories that best suits you.

Lastly, if you’re not receiving our fantastic IF newsletter which is full of the latest screen news, then click here and register.

Imagine how good this will look on you, and how secure your gear will be.

Brett Smith from ARRI also wanted us to mention that the ARRI Unit Bags are a must have, and offer a rugged solution for organising and transporting gear and accessories. It’s highly durable and desirable (I’m wearing one now!) and weather-proof. It’s secure and safe storage for every tool, filter, cable and Noga arm you’ll ever need on set. Personally, we use it to store our selection of fine wines. Perfect for lockdown!

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