Panasonic launches Lumix S 28-200mm F4-7.1 Macro O.I.S.

Panasonic has introduced the LUMIX S 28-200mm F4-7.1 MACRO O.I.S, a long zoom lens with a total length of 93.4mm and a weight of around 413 grams.

The lens is the first wide-to-tele zoom in the LUMIX S Series, and is designed to be compact and lightweight. It features 6.5-stop 5-axis Dual I.S. 2 (Image Stabiliser) compatibility.

The LUMIX S-R28200 is optimised for video capture with high-speed, high-precision, and silent autofocus, and suppressed focus breathing. It also offers micro-step aperture control for smooth exposure changes, as well as the ability to choose between linear or nonlinear focus ring settings.

The lens is designed to be dust/splash-resistant, and withstand temperatures down to -10 degrees Celcius. In addition, the front lens element has a fluorine coating to repel liquids such as water or oil. An ND/PL filter with 67mm diameter can be attached. The lens has a stable centre of gravity for gimbal use.

“This highly mobile lens fits in your hand and is built for enthusiasts who want to travel without a weighty kit. The wide, long range of 28-200mm makes it the ideal all-purpose zoom when you are on the move and want to capture sweeping landscapes and distant subjects,” said Panasonic imaging product marketing manager Aaron Waters.

“It is also capable of impressive close-ups, delivering half life-size macro shooting (0.5x at 28mm) with just 3cm between the end of the lens and the subject. The high-resolution imaging delivers stunning bokeh that is smooth and rounded with beautiful starburst effects.”

The LUMIX S 28-200mm F4-7.1 MACRO O.I.S will retail for $1,599.

Key features:

  • 77.3 x 93.4 mm / 413g
  • Flexible framing from wide 28mm to telephoto 200mm
  • Half life-size macro photography (0.5x at 28mm)
  • High-resolution bokeh images with starburst effect
  • 6.5-stop 5-Axis Dual I.S. 2 compatibility
  • Dust/splash/freeze-resistant & fluorine coating
  • 67mm filter attachable
  • High quality video: Suppression of focus breathing, smooth exposure changes
  • Stable center of gravity for easy gimbal operation