Revelation’s Blind Date competition opens for entries

Revelation Perth Film Festival.

Filmmakers and musicians will once again explore an alternate avenue of collaboration at this year’s Revelation Perth International Film Festival via the Blind Date competition.

Awarded live at the Luna Cinemas during the festival in July, the competition connects musicians and aspiring filmmakers to create video clips without the two sides ever meeting.

Each artist can share two songs for filmmakers to choose from, with Blind Date’s ringmaster and mastermind, Jen Jamieson, confirming whether selections are available – and if the musicians are keen to appear in their videos.

Revelation Perth International Film Festival director Richard Sowada said the connection between the festival and music was a time-honoured tradition.

“Rev started life in the basement back room of Perth’s Greenwich jazz club and we’ve always been passionate about supporting independent artists,” he said.

“Many great directors cut their teeth making music videos, including the likes of David Fincher, Michel Gondry, and Spike Jonze.”

“Revelation is focused on embracing audiences of all ages, tastes and background, so we can’t wait to see what the talented filmmakers produce.”

Filmmakers have until June 1 to complete their video clips, with the best of the bunch feature at a special gala screening.

Revelation will be held from July 1-11 across the city. Click here for more information.