SBS makes Plans for the Future submission

[Press Release by Access PR]

SBS today released a summary of its Triennial Funding Submission which makes the case to the Australian Government for an increase in funding over the 2009-2012 triennium to deliver more and better services to Australians.

Following on from the release of the broadcaster’s Plans for the Future consultation document, the submission outlines SBS’s plans for the next three years across television, radio and online.

A more detailed version of the submission has been delivered to the Australian Government for consideration as part of the 2009-2010 Budget.

“Historically SBS has been subject to neglect and under-funding and, as a result, we have reached a cross-roads where unless we receive more funds, we will have to consider how we cut services,” SBS Managing Director Shaun Brown said.

“SBS has had to meet the challenges of technological change and rising costs by running its business more efficiently or through raising its own revenue to invest in content. But the reality is that while we are considered an important Australian cultural institution and vital to the diversity of the media industry, SBS has been chronically under-funded to meet the requirements of its Charter.

“Major projects have been shelved or delayed, content has not been produced or acquired and new services not introduced because of funding shortfalls. In short, SBS has not been able to realise its potential as a national broadcaster due to a lack of resources.

“With an investment by Government that recognises both historic neglect and future challenges, SBS will deliver outcomes that improve social, cultural and economic participation across the Australian community. We look forward to working with the Government towards a successful Budget outcome for SBS in 2009.”

An overview of SBS’s plans for the future follows and more information is available at