SBS serves up a feast of new food programming

“SBS is making a name for itself as a channel serious about its food” – News Limited, May 2013

From France to Mexico, from New Zealand to Turkey and back to Australia, SBS continues to lead the
way commissioning four deliciously tasty, brand new food series to entertain and delight. Luke Nguyen’s
, Shane Delia’s Spice Journey – Turkey, a third series of Destination Flavour and Peter
Kuruvita’s Mexican Fiesta
are all becoming a part of the mouth-watering Thursday night food line up.

SBS Director of Television Tony Iffland said: “SBS continues to forge ahead in producing world-class food
programming that offers the chance to experience cultures and foods from here and abroad. These latest
commissions demonstrate how we want to challenge and entertain viewers with compelling Australian-
produced content.”

SBS Commissioning Editor Erik Dwyer said: “Our new food ventures represent the start of four exciting
new journeys. We’ll bring stories to the screen from around the world and our own backyard, which
celebrate different cultures and amazing food. These new commissioned series continue to cement SBS
as the leader in food content while showcasing our new and established talent.”

Luke Nguyen’s France is inspired by the many thousands of Vietnamese people, including many of
Luke’s own family, who made the arduous journey to France as refugees. For this exciting new series,
Luke leaves Asia and takes a unique journey across the length and breadth of the country, widely
regarded as the most famous gastronomic location in the world.

Luke’s journey takes him from the brilliant city lights of Paris to the coolness of the Riviera, visiting the
country’s food capital, Lyon, and the unique regions of Alsace, Biarritz and Brittany along the way. He
catches up with his uncles and cousins who have made France their home and incredibly have the same
passions for food. Luke will reveal their stories of survival and prosperity and an insight into French
cuisine. In his unique style, Luke will hunt for seasonal ingredients, meet colourful characters and
discover cultural similarities between Vietnam and France.

Shane Delia’s Spice Journey – Turkey is the second stage of Shane’s odyssey through the Middle East
that sees him travel to exotic Turkey. As well as wanting to explore the historical and cultural foundations
of this wonderful country and to experience the legacy of the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires, he is also
looking to find a contemporary twist on Turkish flavours.

Turkey is a country where ‘hospitality’ is more than a catch-cry; it’s a way of life. This series is a
celebration of Shane’s love for the cultures that make up the Middle East.

Taking the next step on his journey of playful countries and cultures in Mexican Fiesta, renowned chef
Peter Kuruvita embarks on a breathtaking journey of culinary discovery through the vibrant, tempting
world of Mexican cuisine. His mission is to uncover the heart of Mexico’s food culture and let the passion
of its people inspire his own take on some of their most prized dishes.

Travelling south from the United States, Peter experiences the breadth of Mexico's natural offering; from
deserts of the north to the jungles down south. On the way he passes through sea-side villages, ghost
towns and mega-cities before ending his adventure in the southern district on the Guatemalan border. In
a world bursting with celebrations of life and food, Peter finds inspiration in the rich traditions and native
ingredients of this diverse land. Guided by Mexico’s colourful local characters, passionate farmers and
indigenous tribes, this is a truly unique voyage of discovery and a captivating look at one of the world’s
oldest and most interesting cultures.

A third season of Destination Flavour sees the return of popular host Adam Liaw, who is joined by Yasmin
Newman as co-presenter. Yasmin’s work to date in food and travel spans print, radio, video and online,
and she is regularly featured in a number of media outlets, including Delicious and Selector. She has also
completed her first cookbook, Seven Thousand Islands: A Food Portrait of the Philippines. This next new
and sumptuous series of Destination Flavour will celebrate a new cast of unheralded food heroes, with
Adam and Yasmin meeting farmers, foragers, artisan food producers, chefs and winemakers, all with
tasty food stories to tell.

The series structure will be a ‘road trip’ commencing in Western Australia and travelling progressively
east through all states before venturing abroad to New Zealand. Each episode will feature at least three
food producers and three chefs and five recipes, interspersed with ‘appetiser’ mini-profiles or food

Luke Nguyen’s France
, Shane Delia’s Spice Journey – Turkey, Destination Flavour series three and Peter
Kuruvita’s Mexican Fiesta
will screen on SBS in 2014.