Screenwest launches pilot interactive fund


Screenwest has launched a pilot $100,000 production and development fund for Western Australian interactive projects, designed to grow the state’s work in areas such as virtual reality and games.

The pilot fund will cover VR (virtual reality), AR (augmented reality), MR (mixed reality), XR (extended reality), video games (including “Serious Games” which may have the potential to effect social change), and multi-platform projects. All should be intended for release to national and international audience and have a well-designed procedural narrative. Successful applicants may be offered up to $20,000.

While a market attachment is not necessary to be able to apply, demonstrated market engagement will be a significant factor in assessing the merits of competitive applications.

“As part of Screenwest’s commitment to the 2018 Emerging Sector Review, we are pleased to launch the pilot fund and support the government’s recent commitment to the games and interactive sector through its support of the VR XR Festival to be held in Perth in July,” said Screenwest CEO Willie Rowe.

“Both VR and games have become a strong component of Australia’s cultural landscape with West Australian-made games such as Battlestar Galactica: Deadlock, Desert Child, Starlost and The Dark Room being introduced to global audiences.

“Given the growing accessibility of VR headsets and the growth of use of serious games for public engagement, the pilot fund will open up amazing new opportunities for local creatives.”

Screenwest games and interactive consultant Vee Pendergrast said the interactive sector is constantly growing and changing with technological development.

“West Australians are presenting world-class content and products,” she said.

“It is a natural next step for us to introduce this pilot fund. WA’s interactive sector is small, but vibrant and consistently delivers above and beyond what is expected. WA games have consistently won Australian Game Developer Awards nationally for the past few years. We expect to see great projects delivered and be able demonstrate value to the government, developers and community.”

Applications close July 1. Apply here.