Second term of Fremantle/ABC’s ‘The PM’s Daughter’ begins in Sydney

Natalie English, Cassandra Helmot, and Jaga Yap.

Sydney is housing production on the second season of The PM’s Daughter, with shooting now underway throughout the city.

Cassandra Helmot returns as Cat Parkes Pérez, the teenage daughter of Prime Minister Isabel Pérez (Claire Fearon), with the younger Pérez seemingly settled into life in The Lodge when a brand new conspiracy sends her on a desperate search for the truth.

Between a federal election campaign and a highly competitive tech internship, there’s no shortage of distractions, which also come in the form of her mother’s love life making headlines. Cat’s journalism aspirations are about to be put to the test as she digs to uncover her very first story, all while balancing the unpredictable complications that come with being the PM’s daughter.

With best friends Sadie (Natalie English) and Ollie (Jaga Yap) by her side, Cat’s about to discover that the truth can be far more complicated than she ever imagined.

Other cast members returning for season two include Anthony Brandon Wong as Deputy Prime Minister Tim Yeung, Gemma Bird Matheson as Yvette, and Renee Lim as Deputy Principal Tan, while newcomer Bailey Hayward is on board as Alex.

Created by Tristram Baumber and Matthew Allred, season two of The PM’s Daughter is led by producer Tim Powell and co-producer Yingna Lu.

First Day creator Julie Kalceff joins the production as set-up director alongside Lisa Matthews, with script producer Jess Paine heading a writing team that includes Alexandra Cullen, Craig Irvin, Lou Sanz, Hannah Samuel, Matheson, and Nikki Tran.

The executive producers are Fremantle’s Warren Clarke, Baumber, ABC’s Mary-Ellen Mullane, and the Australian Children’s Television Foundation’s (ACTF) Bernadette O’Mahony, with Fremantle’s Kieran Hoyle as co-executive producer. Fremantle is handling the international distribution.

Mullane, managing editor ABC Children’s, looked forward to sharing the new season shortly.

“We are very excited to be in production on a second PM’s Daughter series with Cat now firmly ensconced in the Lodge with her PM Mum, Isabel, surrounded by her best mates Sadie, Ollie, and newcomer Alex,” she said.

“There is loads more political intrigue, super surprising teen crushes and yes, the constant challenges of teen life lived firmly and squarely in the public eye. ”

Clarke said Fremantle was delighted to continue its collaboration with the ABC.

“We are once again thrilled to have a fantastic creative team who are taking the series to new heights with even more of the fun and thrills that our audience have come to love.”

The second season of The PM’s Daughter will premiere on ABC ME next year.