‘Significant Others’ (Trailer)

Fremantle’s six-part drama Significant Others, about a family struggling to piece together their lives after a loved one vanishes, premieres on October 16 on ABC TV.

Catastrophe strikes when Sarah (Jacqueline McKenzie), the single mother of two teenagers, vanishes on her regular morning swim.

Her teenage kids, Ciaran (Gulliver McGrath) and Hanna (Zoë Steiner), reluctantly call on their missing mother’s estranged siblings. Ursula (Rachael Blake), Den (Kenneth Moraleda) and Claire (Alison Bell) arrive to discover the family home partially demolished, while a destructive inheritance dispute still looms over it. Could their shambolic sister’s disappearance be her latest stunt?

The ensemble also includes Todd McKenney, Rarriwuy Hick, Diana Popovska, Alan Dukes and Fayssal Bazzi.

Director Tony Krawitz collaborates with screenwriter and playwright, Tommy Murphy who drew on his personal experience to create the series.

Murphy wrote the scripts with Sue Smith, Blake Ayshford, Louise Fox, Niki Aken and Vonne Patiag.

Matt Reeder is the producer, with executive producers Justin Davies, Brett Popplewell and Carly Heaton. ABC EPs include Louise Smith and Sally Riley.

Distribution by Fremantle International.