Steph Tisdell, Dylan Alcott brought into ‘Bump’ as production begins on season four

Paula Garcia, Claudia De Giusti, Claudia Karvan, Carlos Sanson Jr, Nathalie Morris, Christian Byers and Henrietta Amevor.

The cast and crew of Bump are heading back on the streets of Sydney, with comedian Steph Tisdell and Paralympian Dylan Alcott added to the mix for the fourth season of the Stan Original.

As with season three, the family unit of Oly (Nathalie Morris) and Santi (Carlos Sanson Jr) and Jacinda will take another time jump, this time by two years, as they navigate adulthood alongside Vince (Ioane Sa’ula), Talia (Henrietta Amevor) and Ariel (Matilda Ridgway) who have found their own stride with toddler Malik, albeit with the involvement of Reema (Safia Arain) as a sort-of-half-step-mum.

Existential crises hover over the storylines for the upcoming episodes, with Oly’s first proper job leading her on a steep learning curve with her difficult boss Shauna who expects Oly to be available 24/7, while Santi struggles to redefine his masculinity as Jacinda’s primary carer, and no longer the primary breadwinner.

At the same time, Dom (Angus Sampson) is blissfully reliving his share-house years, while Reema and Vince reckon with the notion that their relationship may not have a viable future. Elsewhere Angie (Claudia Karvan) clings to the climate crisis as a distraction from her recent heartbreak, putting her at loggerheads once more with Rosa (Paula Garcia), whose growing restaurant empire seems far from sustainable.

Ava Cannon, Claudia Karvan, Nathalie Morris, AND Carlos Sanson Jr.

Christian Byers and Claudia de Giusti are set to reprise their roles as Bowie Chalmers-Davies and Bernadita, respectively, while it is not yet known what characters Tisdell and Alcott will play.

Bump is produced by Roadshow Rough Diamond and its founders Dan Edwards and John Edwards, along with Karvan and Kelsey Munro.

There are some new additions in the writers’ room, with Chika Ikogwe and Shanti Gudgeon joining the returning team of Nick Coyle, Jorrden Daley, and Timothy Lee.

Geoff Bennett and Margie Beattie will once again be sharing the directors chair, this time working with Rebecca O’Brien and Ismail Khan.

The series, which has been distributed to the likes of CW Network (US), BBC (UK), ProSieben (Germany), and CBC (Canada) among others, is financed with the assistance of Screen NSW, while ITV Studios manages international sales.