Survey shows shift to multiple screen devices

Press Release from Perception Partners

A survey of hundreds of Australian households has found up to 30 percent are using multiple screen devices to view television programming in addition to standard TV sets.

Commissioned by Astra, the Australian Subscription Television and Radio Association, the survey shows 1 in 3 households regularly use devices including laptops, mobile phones, personal data devices and iPads to view programming.

Choice in programming and control over when they watched that programming, were the most important issues for the vast majority of those surveyed.

“These findings clearly show the growing appetite of Australians for more options to access television programming anywhere and anytime through a mix of devices”, said Astra Chief Executive Officer, Petra Buchanan.

“This survey shows it is all about choice and control over your television viewing. Australians are seeking greater variety in television programming and that desire really drives the decision to have subscription television,” she added.

The survey of more than 300 television watching households found:

· 34% are watching programming regularly on screens in addition to their TV sets;

· 81% said choice of programming drove their decision to have subscription TV

· 52% said they get a variety of programming on subscription TV not found elsewhere

“The most popular alternative screens are personal computers (80%) and Laptops or Notebooks (48%) followed by iPhones (34%).

“The findings also present some interesting demographic comparisons, for example; those aged under 25 years used the iPod to view television more (25% compared to 16% across all age groups) and older viewers aged 34 to 44 years used the iPad the most (24% compared to 11% across all age groups)”, said Ms Buchanan.

Foxtel now offers a vast library of programming On Demand to over 900,000 subscribers via broadband as well as offering a selection of channels via the Foxtel by Xbox 360 and Foxtel on T-Box services. For regional Australia there is Austar AnyWhereTM , an online content download and streaming service which allows over 700,000 subscribers access to Austar content via PC or Mac whenever and wherever they want at no additional cost to their subscription service.

In 2010, STV viewers watched 4:39 hours of television per day on the traditional “set” compared to 4.07 hours for all viewers, even as internet usage continues to increase confirming that screens are being added, not replaced.