‘The Twelve’ (Season 2 Trailer)

Kaila Perrelli, Sam Neill, Frances O’Connor, and Jennah Bannear (Image: David Dare Parker)

The second season of Foxtel’s The Twelve takes place against the backdrop of rural Western Australia, where a local landowner and respected town matriarch, Bernice Price (Kris McQuade), is found dead at the bottom of her farm’s pump well, leading two ex-lovers to stand accused of her murder.

Twelve ordinary citizens from diverse backgrounds have been plucked from the township and its surrounds to decide the fate of the co-accused – was Bernice the victim of a crime of passion, a workplace accident, or just misfortune?

Frances O’Connor plays Meredith Nelson-Moore, SC working opposite Sam Neill, who reprises his role as Brett Colby, SC.

Joining them in the main cast are Tasma Walton, Amy Mathews, Erroll Shand, Fayssal Bazzi, Josh McKenzie, Anthony Brandon Wong, Stefanie Caccamo, Sharon Johal, Luke Pegler, Adriano Cappelletta, Nelson Baker, Greg McNeill, Suesha Rana, Brad Francis, Keith Robinson, and Isabelle Bäsén. The supporting cast comprises Shareena Clanton, Anthony Hayes, Myles Pollard, Gerald Lepkowski, Katherine Pearson, Caroline Brazier, Kaila Ferrelli, Jennah Bannear, and Steve Le Marquand.

Sarah L. Walker, Anchuli Felicia King, Anya Beyersdorf, and Anna Barnes wrote the new episodes, which were directed by Stevie Cruz-Martin, alongside fellow WA director Ben Young, Mark Joffe, and Emma Jackson.

The Twelve is produced by Warner Bros. International Television Production Australia and Easy Tiger Productions for the Foxtel Group. Ally Henville, Ian Collie, and Rob Gibson return as producers for Easy Tiger, working with Warner Bros. Television International Australia’s Hamish Lewis, while Michael Brooks, Sarah L. Walker, Alison Hurbert-Burns, Penny Win, and Neill are executive producers. Foxtel commissioning editor and head of scripted originals, Lana Greenhalgh is also involved.

The second season of The Twelve will premiere July 11 on Binge.