Sydney Film School films in Dungog

Press release from Sydney Film School

Three Sydney Film School films will screen at this year’s Dungog Film Festival – Gustavo Nazareth’s Thesis film ‘4 rolls’, Brian Lye’s Major Drama ‘Miguel Kawasaki’ and Gracie Otto’s Thesis ‘La Meme Nuit’.

Selected to screen is also the 14 minute long ‘Amanecer’, written, directed and edited by graduate Alvaro D. Ruiz whose Dungog Film Festival screening will be the film’s world premier.

Sydney Film School’s directing teacher Kim Farrant will screen her short film ‘Bombshell’ and will participate in the IN THE RAW program, directing a script reading of her feature film ‘Strangerland’ with Kat Stewart (Underbelly), Matt Day (My Year Without Sex) and Susie Porter (Ran, Better Than Sex) performing the roles.

In the feature films section, Dungog Film Festival will screen 28 films among them the award-winning ‘Three Blind Mice’, edited by graduate Gracie Otto and co-produced by graduate Caitlin Stanton.

Just as the Dungog Film Festival buzz spreads around, Sydney Film School itself is opening its doors to anyone interested to find out what it is like to study film at this creative and productive training environment.

Come in to Sydney Film School’s Open Day on Saturday 30th May at 2:00pm, see some of the above mentioned films screened and hear all about the process of them being made from both graduates and the teachers mentoring them.

Thanks to the Sydney Film Festival one lucky attendee will win a double pass for the film “We Live in Public” screening at the festival on June 11th and 14th. We will also be giving away a double in season pass for the new Paramount Pictures comedy “I Love You Man” provided by Paramount Pictures Australia.

The day starts at 2pm and runs until all the questions have been exhausted. After screening a sample of short dramas and documentaries produced by SFS students, a panel of key teachers supported by a couple of graduates and current students will discuss the real experience of Sydney Film School’s practical – hands on training, both in 16mm and digital film.

Meet the group of dedicated and passionate teachers, committed and experienced industry professionals who are themselves actively involved in the film industry.

Listen to the graduates’ own experiences of working in the film industry and see current students studying (mostly editing), as study will not be suspended for the day. Coffee, tea and muffins will keep you going!

To find out more visit the SFS website.