‘The Hospital: In The Deep End’ (Trailer)

'The Hospital: In the Deep End'

SBS factual series The Hospital: In The Deep End follows Gardening Australia Costa Georgiadis, food writer and TV host Melissa Leong, and actor Samuel Johnson as they are thrown out of their comfort zones and onto St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney’s frontline.

The trio are put to work for a week at one of the country’s busiest and most well-known hospitals.

From drug and alcohol treatment, heart transplants, mental health wards, and brain surgery, nothing is off limits. They will meet hospital staff at their most capable and patients at their most vulnerable. The pressures are intense, the outcomes at times uncertain, and the care factor is turned up high.

A Smashing Films production for SBS, the three-part series is written, directed, and produced by Anthony Barwell, who worked alongside supervising producer Jo Siddiqui and executive producer Dan Brown.

The Hospital: In the Deep End will premiere Thursday, June 6 at 8.40pm on SBS and SBS on Demand.