The Reef’s Andrew Traucki confirms next “creature feature” The Jungle

Australian director Andrew Traucki has confirmed he will finish his “creature feature” trilogy with a new film expecting to be shot next year.

The Sydney writer/director, who has survivor thrillers The Reef and Black Water under his belt, has been working on new feature The Jungle, finishing the 90-page script last month.

While Traucki won’t disclose what type of creature, he says it will be set in the wild Indonesian jungle – and that it’ll be filmed in Australia.

The Jungle, which has already locked down some presales, will most likely be shot in March/April next year if it secures finance – which Traucki expects won’t be any higher than his previous films. Michael Robertson, who produced Traucki's other survival flicks, isn't currently on board the latest feature.

“Because of the success of The Reef and Black Water, there was a lot of encouragement to do a third film in this area – that being the thriller ‘creature feature’ sort of area,” he told IF earlier today.

“So I searched around for a while, and rejected ideas of a ‘killer jellyfish’, and have come up with something now.

“It’s got a lot of energy behind it so I feel quite confident – but having said that you have to be cautious because things can fall over so easily and they’re very fragile until everyone’s signed on the dotted line.

“But no it’s all feeling good, and I’m feeling positive about it. And hopefully it’ll be another incredibly thrilling and exciting film to watch.”

Traucki says his films tend to do better overseas rather than in Australia, particularly on DVD.

Shark film The Reef sold to 106 countries, while 2007 killer croc thriller Black Water, sold to 76 countries.

The Jungle will be Traucki’s third feature film in five years, which is a rare feat for Australian filmmakers.