‘The Tailings’ (Trailer)

Tegan Stimson as Jas and Mabel Li as Ruby in 'The Tailings'.

The Tailings explores the experience of two women confronting the paradoxical layers of grief. The 6 x 10 minute digital drama series, to debut on SBS on Demand April 2, follows the events that take place after the death of teenage Jas’s father. The tight-knit community are quick to deem the death as an accident, spiralling Jas to undertake her own investigation.

This coincides with the arrival of her new schoolteacher Ruby, who comes carrying the burden of her own past trauma. The two slowly develop a mutual trust and as secrets are exposed, the truth becomes impossible to ignore.  

The cast is led by Tegan Stimson and Mabel Li together with Kris McQuade, Victoria Haralabidou, Nic English, Shaun Martindale, Sara Cooper, John Xintavelonis, Harry Prior, Harry Radbone, Michael Earnshaw, Tai Nguyen, and Jane Hamilton Foster.

Stevie Cruz-Martin directs from a script from first-time writer Caitlin Richardson. Liz Doran produces, with co-producers Richard Kelly (2Jons) and Stephen Thomas (Roar Film).