‘The Trust Fall: Julian Assange’ (Trailer)

Documentary The Trust Fall: Julian Assange, directed by Australian Kym Staton, is currently showing on more than 150 screens across the country, including at Event, Hoyts and Village cinemas.

The crowd-funded film, narrated by Susan Sarandon, Roger Waters, M.I.A, Tom Morello and Jonathan Oldham, delves into the situation, treatment and wider implications of Assange, who currently awaits a decision from the UK High Court Judges as to whether he will be extradited to the US to face charges under the US Espionage Act, with the threat of a 175-year prison sentence.

Staton is the founder and director of streaming service Films for Change. The company also produced the film and is handling theatrical distribution. The Trust Fall is Staton’s directorial debut, and he produced the film with Natalia Minana. Editors include Endre Kvia and Richard Frankl.