Tiffen launches Steadicam G-70×2 arm

Tiffen has announced the Steadicam G-70×2 arm, which can hold up to 31.8kg and offers a 737mm boom range.

The G-70×2 builds on the G-70x, retaining the Iso-elastic performance and patented Geo Spring Geometry, while including new features aimed at enhancing reliability, durability, safety, set-up speed and smooth stabilisation.

The new dual bearing mounted ¾” arm post, with no-tools rotational locking and drag control, has been designed to promote quick adjustability from a solid lock off to free rotation of the arm post, even when changing posts. The G-70×2 also has a rigid pivoting steel Socket Block, with no-tools adjustability. This is aimed at eliminating the flex inherent in traditional rod ends, offering more precise sled positioning, with faster set-ups and on-the-fly adjustments, without removing the arm. A safety benefit, it prevents the operator from mistakenly over-extending the rod ends.

Additionally, the kickback link which gets the arm further out of the way as the sled crosses the operator’s body now features a multi-position socket block to locate the arm in the most convenient position, whether operating front- or back-mounted.

The G-70×2 also has a lower profile arm links that make it appear more transparent and less intrusive to operator movements. In addition, it offers low friction pivot point bearings, updated arm bumper design, and rubber-gripped, easy-turn, Lift and Ride knobs. The design features metric assembly components for easier service.

The G-70×2 comes with a soft-sided arm carrying bag, special tool for user servicing, an operating manual, and 3-year full parts and labor warranty.