Umbrella Entertainment theatrical releases for first half of 2014.

Umbrella Entertainment is thrilled to announce our line up of theatrical releases for the first half of 2014.


A new film by acclaimed German director Sandra Nettelbeck starring Michael Caine and Clemence Poesy. Set in Paris, Mr. Morgan's Last Love is a bittersweet story of a lonely American widower who learns to live and love again through his touching friendship with a beautiful and vibrant young woman.

Release date: March 6th on selected screens across Australia

Trailer & more information:

Media note: We have Director Sandra Nettelbeck available for phone and email interviews – please contact me if you are interested.



The Crossing is an award winning Australian adventure documentary about an Arctic trek 5 years in the making. Stunning outdoor footage combined with a classic tale of challenge against adversity in a visually spectacular and entertaining big screen experience. An ultimately uplifting journey celebrating friendship, will, strength and achievement in the face of the seemingly impossible, which shows that you can achieve anything, but sometimes… there ain't no easy way.

Release date: April 24 tba on selected screens across Australia

Trailer & more information:

Media note: We will have the trekkers Clark Carter & Chris Bray, who shot the HD footage during their adventure, and Director Julian Harvey available for interviews in due course. Media screenings will be scheduled in coming weeks.



Acclaimed writer / director Neil LaBute's (Death At A Funeral, Nurse Betty) astutely written portrait of a very modern romance is a witty and intelligent two-handed drama about the games of the heart that people play. A fun and provocative drama starring Stanley Tucci & Alice Eve . The chemistry between the two crackles, as the twisted heart of their fascinating relationship is revealed in a stunning and unexpected climax that we have come to expect from Neil LaBute.

Release date: May date tba on selected screens across Australia

Trailer & more information:

Media note: Media screenings will be scheduled in coming weeks.



A new film by internationally acclaimed Australian filmmaker Fred Schepisi starring Clive Owen as an eccentric English teacher who challenges the charismatic new art teacher, played by Juliette Binoche, in a school-wide debate over which is more powerful – the Word or the Picture. A witty and intelligent screenplay explores the value of good education set against a flamboyant courtship that develops between the two teachers.

Release date: June date tba 2014


Further along in 2014, Umbrella will be releasing Jim Mickle's COLD IN JULY, and Australian chiller THE BABADOOK, which both screened to critical acclaim at the recent Sundance Film Festival last month. In addition, two terrific documentaries will release: Gracie Otto's documentary about the life of London film and theatre impresario Michael White in THE LAST IMPRESARIO, and Maurice Murphy's WHEN THE QUEEN CAME TO TOWN: a nostalgic look at The Queen's maiden visit to Australia in 1954.

In other Umbrella news, Catherine Deneuve this week received a Cesar Awards 2014 Best Actress Nomination for her role in ON MY WAY.