Unmade films to find a way forward at MIFF

MIFF partner Campari has launched a Posters to Production initiative for emerging filmmakers to showcase their ideas.

Snapshots of films yet to be made will be showcased at next month’s Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) as part of an initiative designed to support filmmakers in taking their ideas forward.

Posters to Production, presented by event partner Campari, gives four emerging filmmakers the opportunity to have their original film synopsis turned into a poster that will adorn the ACMI’s Campari Lounge on August 3, while also carrying a QR code to help crowdfund their project.

A portion of every Campari cocktail sold at the lounge will also go toward the unmade films.

It comes after the company commissioned research via Pureprofile showing many in the industry believe independent filmmakers are in need of greater assistance.

Of 300 industry respondents, representing nearly 40 roles across the sector, 94 per cent believe emerging filmmakers face barriers to making their own films, with 88 per cent in agreement that emerging filmmakers do not have enough funding to turn their ideas into a reality.

A wider survey of 1,000 Australians found 60 per cent did not think enough funding was provided to make local films, with 73 per cent in agreement local film industry was more focused on supporting international film rather than creating Australian-led productions, and 29 per cent saying that Australian films were not easily available on streaming platforms and major cinemas.

A MIFF spokesperson told IF that Posters to Production would not only attempt to bring untold stories to life but also provide networking opportunities for the participants.

“The research commissioned by Campari found that the Australian film industry is still facing significant challenges, with the majority saying local filmmakers don’t get adequate funding to turn their ideas into a production,” they said.

“The research also showed that there are limited opportunities for those in the industry to create their own films and showcase their unmade ideas, and that there needs to be new initiatives to support this.

“Posters to Production is a great platform to garner more financial support for grassroots filmmakers and films to be created. Beyond this, this initiative will offer the opportunity for emerging filmmakers to connect with others in the industry and create relationships.”

Applications for Posters to Production close July 7. Find more information about the initiative here.

The Melbourne International Film Festival will take place August 3-20.