WA-filmed Drift shoots with ARRI ALEXA

Press release from Well Above

Founded in 1989 Location Equipment has been servicing the film and television production industry in Western Australia for well over twenty years. The company offers the screen production industry the highest quality camera equipment available and stays at the leading edge of digital technology.

Recently the company decided to make the move to the ARRI ALEXA and co-owner Greg Knight explained why, “Location Equipment has been operating for over 20 years in Perth renting high quality broadcast cameras and associated gear. Being a rental company we need a wide range of cameras to cater for all levels of the market. We have a fleet of cameras and decided to get the ARRI ALEXA because we saw it was rapidly being accepted as one of the best 35mm digital motion picture cameras on the market. We wanted it to become the camera of choice for producers of high end TVCs in Western Australia, replacing 35mm film. We believe it is currently doing this.”

Knight and his co-owner Rob Dewar also purchased ARRI Zeiss Ultra Primes for use on all the company’s PL mount cameras.

Commenting on the kit Knight continued, “We like the quality of the image the ALEXA camera produces. Local directors, producers and advertising agency creatives are impressed with the pictures. We also like the simplicity of operation via the easy menu system, as do DOPs and camera assistants who find it very quick to learn. The SxS card Pro Res recording means post production houses find it very easy to handle and manipulate and the camera's rugged construction has ensured couriers and baggage handlers have not been able to break it!”

Location Equipment predominantly rent their ARRI ALEXA cameras and Ultra Prime lenses out for shooting television commercials and drama productions.

Knight added, “The ALEXA has been used in studios and in locations around Western Australia including the iron-ore producing area of the Pilbara and the wine growing, surf destination Margaret River. Whatever the location and conditions it performs very well. Feedback from customers is always positive. They are always impressed with the camera’s ability to handle highlights and the ‘smooth’ look of the images. We also believe it is very good value for money. It provides great images and our customers have confidence in its reliable performance and it is superior to its ‘would be’ cheaper 35mm sensor competitors. With the ALEXA you don’t have to make excuses for any weaknesses in areas such as rolling shutter and colour depth.”

Being in Western Australia has, in the past, often proved problematic for camera rentals houses in terms of sales, service and support but Knight believes this has now changed.

He commented, “We have a good relationship with ARRI. Their service has always been excellent. Being located in Western Australia can cause problems on many levels in this industry but any issues we have with an ALEXA are always dealt with promptly and efficiently. Despite our distance from Sydney we are very pleased with the backup we get from ARRI.”