WA launches 20 per cent PDV rebate

‘The Furnace’, post-produced at Siamese. 

The post-production and VFX sector in Western Australia is poised to grow substantially, with the state government today announcing a 20 per cent post, digital and visual effects (PDV) rebate.

The move sees WA step up to compete with South Australia, New South Wales and Queensland, who each offer a 10 per cent PDV incentive.

Under the guidelines, producers can apply for a 20 per cent rebate on the first $500,000 of PDV expenditure (so up to $100,000), and a further 10 per cent for all expenditure over that.

Unlike the other states, WA’s rebate is discretionary. However, the minimum spend is much smaller at just $100,000 – for the SA rebate the minimum spend is $250,000 and in Queensland and NSW it’s $500,000.

Each state’s rebate is able to be combined with the 30 per cent federal PDV offset.

The WA incentive is tied to the $16 million WA Screen Fund, administered by Screenwest. The agency flagged it would be expanded to include post-production and visual effects when it was renewed in June.

Projects will be assessed based on the availability of funds, budget, and potential to drive ongoing growth in the post-production sector.

Screenwest announced the rebate today during an industry panel at CinefestOZ. Among those poised to benefit are companies such as Siamese, Sandbox, Boogie Monster, Double Barrel VFX, Last Pixel and Envelope Audio.

Boogie Monster MD Steve Vojkovic said the rebate made Western Australia was globally competitive and would open doors to producers from across the globe.

“We are now competitively placed at both national and international levels and we look forward to creating new film and TV projects, and more importantly, employing and mentoring the next generation of post-production professionals within the WA industry.”

Sandbox managing director Grady Habib said: “The post sector in WA today has a taken a gigantic leap onto the global stage, all thanks to Screenwest’s determination and smarts to create a subsidy that will make a real difference. A subsidy that will create more jobs, enable an increase in investment and the growth of a valuable industry.”

Siamese producer and general manager Francesca Hope said: “As a WA studio, Siamese has played a role in the training and development of talent across visual effects, animation and picture editing. With the State Government of WA supporting a state-based PDV, the anticipation of inward investment will help to employ local talent and grow businesses within the WA post sector.”

Applications open for the rebate September 4. Read the guidelines here.